Newcomer Starter Kit

Links to resources to get started in A.A.

Find Meetings

At A.A. meetings you can hear other alcoholics share AA's message of recovery. A.A. meetings are where you may form meaningful fellowship bonds and connections with other people in recovery.

You can find A.A. meetings in Central Massachusetts, both in-person and online, on Meetings Page. For smartphone users, an app called Meeting Guide is available from and also from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The "Big Book"

Alcoholics Anonymous, nicknamed "The Big Book," is the basic text of AA. The Big Book outlines the program of recovery through A.A.’s Twelve Steps and contains a collection of personal stories of recovered alcoholics. You can order a copy of the Big Book from, or read it for free online in PDF format here: The Big Book is also available as a free audiobook at, or as a video in American Sign Language:

Other Helpful Literature

Pamphlets and other literature are available at Here are pamphlets you may find helpful.

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