NOTICE: The Intergroup Office is closed until further notice.  Materials can still be ordered online

by going to the BOOKSTORE tab on the main menu.  When ordering, be sure to click on "complete order

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Meetings Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19 Outbreak


We are responsible – in order to comply with recommended social distancing, we have decided to go to limited hours.

Effective Thursday, March 19th, we will only be open to the public on Tuesdays from 3pm-8pm and Thursdays from 10am to 2pm.

Regular business hours are expected to resume on April 1st.

Please keep an eye on our FaceBook group and website for more details as they come up!


Treatment Facilities

Adcare commitments suspended

CHL (all unts)  commitments suspended

Indepenence Hall commitments suspended

Spectrum (all units) commitments suspended

Spring Hill Recovery in Ashby, MA commitments suspended

Washburn House (all units) commitments suspended



Daily 7:00 AM Worcester Seven AM Group Adcare OPD
Daily 12:00 PM Worcesyter Mid Day Sacred Heart Church 3/23/2020
Daily 5:00 PM Auburn   Bethel Lutheran Chuch  
Sunday 8:15 AM Concord Concord Sunday Morning Emerson Hospital
Sunday 10:00 AM Westborough Westborough Sunday Morning Senior Center 4/5/2020S
Sunday 10:00 AM Worcester Way of Sobriety Holy Name 3/29/2020
Sunday 10:00 AM Stow Sunday AM Community Center, 509 Great Road 4/5/2020
Sunday 10:30 AM Natick New Friends Leonard Morse Hospital, Natick MA 4/5/2020
Sunday 11:00 AM Ashland Sunday Morning Community Center
Sunday 6:00 PM Worcester It All Starts Here Ascension Monsignor Tinsley Center  
Sunday 6:30 PM North Brookfield Sunset Group Episcopal Church, Main St. 4/5/2020
Sunday 7:00 PM Worcester Worcester Graatitude First Congregational Church  
Sunday 7:00 PM Shrewsbury Gratitude Trinity Church, 440 Main St  
Sunday 7:00 PM Shrewsbury Simple Steps Congregational Church 3/29/2020
Sunday 7:45 PM Leominster Am I Listening Unitarian Church  
Sunday 7:30 PM Westborough Get Well Slowly Good Shepherd Church  
Sunday 7:30 PM Natick Road to Happy Destiny Leonard Morse Hospital, Natick Ma 4/6/2020
Sunday 7:30 PM Sudbury Sunday Night First Parish UU
Monday 10:00 AM Northborough Trinity Monday 10:00 AM Trinity Church 4.1.2020
Monday 12:00 PM Westborough As Bill Sees It Good Shepherd Church  
Monday 12:00 PM Northborough As Bill Sees It Trinity Church 4.1.2020
Monday 4:00 PM Worcester Bottom of the Barrel Greendale People's Church  
Monday 7:00 PM Ashburnham 4th Edition Big Bool Peopes Church  
Monday 7:00 PM Douglas Douglas Big Book Discussion 2nd Congregational Church  
Monday 7:00 PM Worcester Happy Destiny Congregational Church  
Monday 7:00 PM Millbury Millbury Center Step Saint Brigid Parish  
Monday 7:00 PM Spencer Fellowship Congregational Church 3/26/2020
Monday 7:30 PM Grafton Happy Joyous and Free Baptist Church 4/6/2020
Monday 7:30 PM Worcester Rainbow Recovery St. Matthews  Church  
Monday 7:30 PM Boylston Common Congregational Church, 4 Church St.  
Monday 8:00 PM Hudson Second Chance First Federated Church 200 Central St.  
Tuesday 12:00 PM Northborough Noon Step Trinity Church 4/1/2020
Tuesday 12:00 PM Westborough No Name Good Shepherd Church  
Tuesday 7:30 PM Worcester Seven Hills Adcare Hospital  
Tuesday 7:00 PM Fitchburg Newman Group Emanuel Lutheran Church  
Tuesday 7:30 PM Southborough We Believe St. Matthews, 105 Southville Rd. until further notice
Tuesday 7:30 PM West Brookfield Almost Home Sacred Heart Church  
Tuesday 7:30 PM Worcester Young Peoples St Matthews Church  
Tuesday 7:45 PM Leominster Common Unitarian Church  
Tuesday 8:00 PM Worcester Quinsig Sacred Heart  
Wednesday 10:00 AM Northborough Women of Courage and Dignity Trinity Church  
Wednesday 12:00 PM Northborough Reflections Trinity Church  
Wednesday 5:30 PM Douglas Never Back Down St. Denis Church  
Wednesday 7:30 PM Northborough How It Works 238 W. Main Street 4/29/2020
Wednesday 7:30 PM Worcester Four Corners St. Matthews Church  
Wednesday 8:00 PM Westborough Forge New Hope Chapel 4/8/2020
Wednesday 8:00 PM Sherborn   Pilgrim Church  
Wednesday 8:30 PM Harvard Catacombs Congregational Church  
Thursday 12:00 PM Northborough Back To Basics Church of the Nativity 3/23/2020
Thursday 5:30 PM Worcester Trust & Rely Quinsigamond Community College  
Thursday 6:00 PM West Boylston Choices Sacred Heart Church  
Thursday 6:30 PM Worcester First 164 Pages Ascension Monsignor Tinsley Center  
Thursday 7:00 PM Worcester Serenity Group 1st Baptist Church  
Thursday 7:30 PM Natick Miracles Happen Leonard Morse Hospital Natick, MA 4/6/2020
Thursday 7:30 PM West Brookfield Step Sacred Heart Church  
Thursday 8:00 PM Dudley Day At A Time Congregational Church 135 Center Rd. 5/7/2020
Thursday 8:00 PM Westborough Easy Does It Good Shepherd Church  
Friday 10:00 AM Northborough   Trinity Church 4/1/2020
Friday 12:00 PM Northborough Friday Noon Big Book Trinity Church 41/2020
Friday 12:00 PM Westborough No Name Good Shepherd Church  
Friday 5:30 PM Sturbridge Wpmen's Destiny Federated Church 8 Maple St.  
Friday 7:15 PM Northborough Dignitaries Sympathy Trinity Church 4/1/2020
Friday 7:30 PM Westborough As Bill Sees It Methodist Church  
Friday 7:30 PM Worcester Greendale Group Zion Lutheran Church until further notice
Friday 7:45 PM Leominster CleanAir Unitarian Church  
Friday 8:00 PM Marlborough New Life Holy Trinity Anglican Church  
Friday 8:00 PM Worcester Friday Night 12 Step Assumption 5/3/2020
Saturday 10:00 AM Northborough Saturday Morning Historical Society  
Saturday 10:00 AM Framingham AM-DAAT Beginners Methodist Church 3/28/2020
Saturday 10:30 AM Holden ThankGod It;s Here Chaffin Congregational Churh 3/28/2020
Saturdsy 3:00 PM Worcester Worcester People Helping People 46 Greenwood Street
Saturday 7:00 PM Waltham   Christ Church 4/4/2020
Saaturday 7:30 PM Westborough Little Books Good Shepherd Church  
All meetings held in Catholic Churches are canceled
Virtual Meetings