Joint Treatment Facilities Committee

Welcome to the Joint Treatment Facilities Committee Page. As a liaison between alcohol treatment facilities and health care professionals and the local A.A. community, we help bring A.A.’s message of recovery into treatment and health care facilities. The Joint Treatment Committee works with the treatment facilities to fill openings on their calendar.

Information for Professionals

A.A. offers many resources to healthcare professionals working with alcoholics, including literature and videos. Some of these have been listed a mobile app for ease of access:

Information for A.A. Members

A.A. members take commitments into treatment facilities. AA members can volunteer to take a specific commitment, or volunteer on an as-needed or recurring basis.

Treatment Calendars let you view and signup for a commitment online, You can pick an open slot, or just email

Thank you for your service!

— Joint Treatment Facilities (& Bridging the Gap) Committee