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(20) Active (not closed) In-Person Meetings Today
DayTime Town MeetingLocationAddressType
Sat 7:00 A   Charlton  DAYBREAKER 6 City Depot Road OBBH
Sat 7:00 A   Leominster  As Bill Sees It
/ Online
MRC 106 Carter St OD
Sat 7:00 A   Webster  Morning Meeting Serenity Hall 6 Mechanic St ODFVH
Sat 7:00 A   Worcester  DAILY CHOICE Our Lady of Providence 236 Lincoln St ODH
Sat 8:00 A   Clinton  Clinton Morning Meeting Central Park 242 Church St OD
Sat 9:00 A   Harvard  Happy Joyous & Free (w)
/ Online
Fellowship Hall 7 Elm St ODRH
Sat 9:00 A   Worcester  AA BEGINNERS Q&A St. Stephens Church 357 Grafton St OBE
Sat 10:00 A   Warren  NEW BEGINNINGS St. Pauls Ch 1080 Main St OD
Sat 11:00 A   Auburn  HIGHER POWER HOUR
/ Online
Bethel Lutheran Church 90 Bryn Mawr Ave CD
Sat 11:00 A   Clinton  Matt Talbot CAIC 256 High St CD
Sat 12:00 P   Gardner  Midday Lutheran Church 627 Green St OD
Sat 12:00 P   Worcester  Green Hills Noontime
/ Online
Salem Covenant Church 215 E. Mountain St. OD
Sat 5:30 P   Lunenburg  New Freedom United Parish Ctr 39 Main St ODBE
Sat 5:30 P   Marlborough  Road To Recovery (w) A.R.C. 33 Main St. OD
Sat 7:00 P   Grafton  South Grafton Big Book Union Cong Church 86 Main St OBB
Sat 7:30 P   Bellingham  Keep It Simple (w) How It Works Club 176 Mechanic St OSD
Sat 7:30 P   Leominster  Lake Whalom Group
/ Online
MRC 106 Carter St OS
Sat 7:30 P   Millbury  Traditions
/ Online
Federated Church 20 N.Main St OS
Sat 7:30 P   Westborough  Little Books Good Shepard Luth. Ch. 183 W. Main St. OD
Sat 8:30 P   Worcester  Rebound Group St George 40 Brattle St OSD