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About Us

Worcester Area Intergroup (WAI) is an AA intergroup office serving central Massachusetts and Worcester. For driving directions: click here. For WAI office hours: click here.

WAI Services

WAI provides services and resources to the still-sick alcoholic and local AA community, including:

  » A 24-hour telephone hotline (HALTline)
  » Lists of AA meetings (Printed Lists and Online)
  » An office open six days a week (WAI Office Hours)
  » An inventory of AA materials (Order Form/Price List)
  » A calendar of local AA events (Online Calendar)
  » A monthly local newsletter (The Beacon)
  » AA service volunteers (Service Committees)
  » A confidential 12th step call list (Signup Form)
  » A bookie-to-bookie exchange (BookieXchange)

Supporting WAI

WAI is entirely supported by AA literature sales and donations from individuals and groups. Donations are graciously accepted in-person or via mail to:

      Worcester Area Intergroup, Inc.
100 Grove Street Suite 314
Worcester MA 01605

Online donations are also welcome —Click here to donate online. Individual members and groups can also support WAI on a regular basis via its "Faithful Fivers" program.

Worcester Area Towns & Villages

Worcester Area Intergroup Officers & Service Positions

WAI is overseen by two committees, a Steering Committee and a Delegates Committee, which together comprise the membership of WAI. All interested A.A.s are welcome to attend the monthly WAI committee meetings.

The Steering Committee—the officers of WAI—consists of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer and their alternates, the office manager, and four trustees. The Steering Committee oversees the daily operations and finances of WAI. The Delegates Committee is composed of the individual delegates from the participating AA groups. The Delegates Committee votes on all matters beyond the scope of the Steering Committee. WAI service committee chairpersons and trusted servants give reports and share their concerns at the delegates meetings.

Intergroup officer, staff, and service positions with email links are listed below. For further details on the formal composition and operations of WAI, see the document WAI Guidelines.
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A.A. Service Structure and Intergroups

In North America, Alcoholics Anonymous is organized in an "inverted triangle", as depicted below. At the bottom of the triangle are two corporations: A.A. World Services Inc. (AAWS) and A.A. Grapevine Inc (GV), governed by a General Service Board. North America is partitioned into Regions, which in turn are divided into geographical Areas, which in turn are divided into Districts, and within each district – at the top of the triangle – are the A.A. groups.


An A.A. Intergroup (or Central Office) is a committee or organization that exists to serve the local A.A. community. Intergroups often provide a 24-hour telephone hotline, an office where A.A. meeting lists, literature, and materials are available, and service committees and resources to support AA's primary purpose.

Intergroups and central offices have existed since the early days of A.A. and operate outside the general service structure. Many intergroups are nonprofit entities that are governed by charters or bylaws and elected officers and delegates and may employ paid staff members.

An intergroup committee is mainly composed of delegates from local AA groups. Each AA group may elect a delegate to represent their group at intergroup committee meetings. A delegate is an A.A. group’s link to the intergroup committee.

A district committee may have an intergroup representative, or Intergroup Liaison, to serve as a conduit between the district committee and the intergroup.

An intergroup may also have an Area Liaison to represent the intergroup at Area assemblies and committee meetings.

In Massachusetts there are two AA areas: Eastern Massachusetts (Area 30) and Western Massachusetts (Area 31).

In addition to WAI, Massachusetts has an Eastern Massachusetts Central Service Office in Boston and a Western Massachusetts Intergroup Office in Holyoke, a Berkshire Intergroup Office, a Cape Cod Intergroup Office, a Martha's Vineyard Intergroup, and a Nantucket Intergroup.