WAI Delegate Page

If you are thinking "I'm not needed here," or "the Steering Committee can function without me," here are some reasons why an intergroup delegate is needed.

To ensure your AA group’s voice is heard, as a WAI delegate you can:

  1. Change the location of the WAI office
  2. Elect the members of the Steering Committee
  3. With a majority vote, at any time, call a special delegates meeting
  4. Approve or disapprove the proposed budget for the upcoming year
  5. Approve or disapprove all major purchases or lease obligations
  6. Approve or disapprove all Delegates meeting minutes and treasurer's reports
  7. Approve or disapprove of proposed changes to the Intergroup Guidelines
  8. With prior notice and delegate approval, make changes to the Intergroup Guidelines

The functions of the WAI Steering Committee include:

  1. Follow the directives of WAI Delegates majority voice and vote
  2. Oversee the operations of the WAI Office
  3. Select, hire, oversee, and if necessary terminate the WAI Office Manager
  4. Ensure local AA groups are invited to participate and kept informed of WAI services, resources and activities
  5. Approve WAI office expenditures, finances and leases, with Delegate approval when required
  6. Consider and propose how WAI serves AA groups per AA traditions, principles, and GSO guidelines

Delegate Forms

Below are online forms you can send to WAI and GSO for your A.A. group, district, or meetings: