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Meeting List for Worcester Area Intergroup
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(91) Meetings on Monday
DayTime Town MeetingLocationAddressType
Mon 7:30 P   Acton  Vets Baptist Church 592 Massachusetts Ave CD
Mon 7:30 P   Acton  New Beginnings Baptist Church 592 Massachusetts Ave OSD
Mon 7:00 P   Ashburnham  Big Book People's Cong. Church 56 S. Main St. OBB
Mon 7:00 P   Ashland  No Excuses St Cecelia 54 Esty St CDM
Mon 12:00 P   Athol  Back to Basics Masonic Lodge 336 Main St CD
Mon 5:00 P   Auburn  HAPPY HOUR Bethel Lutheran Church 90 Bryn Mawr Ave CBB
Mon 7:30 P   Barre  S. BARRE GROUP Covenant Evangelical Ch. 611 South St CD
Mon 6:30 A   Bellingham  AA Awakenings How It Works Club 176 Mechanic St OD
Mon 7:00 P   Bellingham  Drop The Rock How It Works Club 176 Mechanic St CDM
Mon 7:00 P   Bellingham  Crossroads Baptist Church 1198 S. Main St OBB
Mon 12:00 P   Blackstone  12 Golden Steps St. Theresa 630 Rathbun St O12
Mon 7:00 P   Bolton  Sober Sisters First Parish Church 673 Main St OBB12W
Mon 7:30 P   Boylston  Common First Cong. 10 Church St. OD
Mon 7:00 A   Charlton  DAYBREAKER 6 City Depot Road OABSH
Mon 6:15 P   Charlton  Drop the Rock 6 City Depot Road CD
Mon 12:00 P   Clinton  Keep the Faith CAIC 256 High St OD
Mon 7:45 P   Clinton  Central Park Womens Step Ch. of Good Shepherd 209 Union St C12W
Mon 12:00 P   Concord  Sobah Camel (w) Monument Hall 62 Monument Sq OBB
Mon 12:00 P   Concord  The Right Place Trinity Church 81 Elm St O12&12
Mon 8:00 P   Concord  Closed 12 Step Union Church 1317 Main Street C12
Mon 7:00 P   Douglas  Douglas Big Book Discussion 2nd Congregational Ch 289 Main St CBB
Mon 12:00 P   East Brookfield  ONE DAY AT A TIME Harrington Abuse Ctr 267 Main St OBBD
Mon 7:30 A   Fitchburg  Early Bird First Parish Ch 923 Main St OD
Mon 12:00 P   Fitchburg  Keep it Simple Faith United Parish 820 Main St OD
Mon 7:30 P   Fitchburg  Friendship 7th Day Adventist Church 205 Summer St OS
Mon 7:00 A   Framingham  Reflections SMOC Building 7 Bishop St OD
Mon 12:00 P   Framingham  Daily Drop In Center 62a Kendall Street OD
Mon 6:00 P   Framingham  11th Step Meditation First Baptist 1013 Worcester Road OD
Mon 7:30 P   Framingham  Came To Believe Lutheran Church 720 Edgell Rd C12
Mon 8:00 P   Framingham  TSDD Eagles Club 55 Park St. CSDM
Mon 8:30 A   Gardner  Unity in the Morning Rear door 205 School St OD
Mon 12:30 P   Gardner  Midday Lutheran Church 627 Green St OD
Mon 7:00 P   Gardner  Monday Night Discussion Eagles Hall City Hall Ave OD
Mon 7:00 P   Grafton  Happy Joyous and Free (w) Baptist Church 1 South Street OBB12
Mon 7:00 P   Groton  Ladies Night First Parish 1 Powderhouse Rd OWD
Mon 7:30 P   Groton  Step of Recovery Senior Center 163 W. Main St O12
Mon 7:30 P   Holliston  Easier Softer Way Lutheran Church 600 Central St. OBB
Mon 8:00 P   Hudson  Second Chance First Federated Ch 200 Central St. OS
Mon 7:00 P   Leicester  Rochdale Big Book Christ Episcopal Ch 1089 Stafford St CBB
Mon 8:00 A   Leominster  Eye Opener Knights of Columbus 484 Lancaster St OD
Mon 12:00 P   Leominster  High Noon Unitarian Church 15 West St OD
Mon 7:00 P   Leominster  First 100 St Marks Youth Ctr 62 West St OBB
Mon 7:45 P   Leominster  Leominster Original St Leo's School Cafeteria 120 Main St OS
Mon 7:30 P   Lincoln  Wholeness First Parish Church 14 Bedford Rd. CSDW
Mon 7:30 P   Littleton  Catacombs West First Ch.Unitarian 19 Foster St. C12
Mon 6:00 P   Lunenburg  Originals United Parish Church 15 Main St OD
Mon 6:45 A   Marlborough  Early Risers (w) A.R.C. 33 Main St. OD
Mon 12:00 P   Marlborough  ARC Angels (w) A.R.C. 33 Main St. OD
Mon 5:30 P   Marlborough  Simply Sober (w) A.R.C. 33 Main St. CD
Mon 7:00 P   Marlborough  Cover to Cover (w) A.R.C. 33 Main St. ODFV
Mon 12:00 P   Maynard  Maynard Now (w) Eagles Hall 65 Nason St OSD
Mon 8:30 A   Milford  Eye Opener Congregational Church 4 Congress St OD
Mon 6:30 P   Milford  Timeout Trinity Chruch 17 Congress St C12W
Mon 8:00 P   Milford  Tritown Methodist Church 39 Exchange St OS
Mon 7:00 P   Millbury  Center St. Brigid's 59 Main St. C12
Mon 7:00 P   Natick  Big Book Step Study Christ Evangelical Lutheran Ch. 113 Union St. OBBSS
Mon 10:00 A   Northborough  Trinity Monday 10 AM Trinity Church 23 Main Street O12
Mon 12:00 P   Northborough  As Bill Sees It Trinity Church 23 Main Street ODBEH
Mon 12:00 P   Northbridge  Looney Nooney Village Congregational Church 5 Church St OD
Mon 7:30 P   Northbridge  Closed 12 Trinity Church 31 Linwood Ave C12
Mon 7:30 P   Orange  Big Book Group First Universalist Ch 31 N. Main St CBB
Mon 7:30 P   Paxton  PAXTON COMMON Congregational Church 1 Church St CD
Mon 7:00 P   Rochdale  Rochdale Big Book Christ Episcopal Ch 1089 Stafford St CBB
Mon 7:30 P   Sherborn  Recovery Unity Service Unitarian Ch. 11 Washington St OD
Mon 7:00 A   Shrewsbury  Eternal Vigilance Trinity Episcopal Church 440 Main St. C12
Mon 12:00 P   Southbridge  RECOVERY 663 Main St ODH
Mon 7:00 P   Spencer  Fellowship Congregational Church 207 Main St OSD
Mon 7:30 P   Stow  Stow Back Door St. Isidore Ch. 429 Great Rd. C12T
Mon 6:30 P   Sturbridge  STEP FORWARD Bethlehem Lutheran Church 345 Main St C12M
Mon 7:00 P   Uxbridge  Soba Sistas Cornerstone Church 5 Hartford Ave E CBBW
Mon 7:00 A   Webster  Morning Meeting Serenity Hall 6 Mechanic St ODFVH
Mon 7:00 A   Webster  EARLY RISERS Church of Reconciliation 5 North Main St O12
Mon 12:00 P   Webster  RAY OF HOPE Serenity Hall 6 Mechanic St O12H
Mon 7:00 P   Webster  DAILY REFLECTIONS Serenity Hall 6 Mechanic St ODH
Mon 7:00 P   Webster  KINDRED GROUP 11 Pontiac Ave CD
Mon 12:00 P   Westborough  No Name Good Shepard Luth. Ch. 183 W. Main St CABS
Mon 12:00 P   Whitinsville  Looney Nooney Village Congregational Church 5 Church St OD
Mon 7:30 P   Whitinsville  Closed 12 Trinity Church 31 Linwood Ave C12
Mon 7:45 P   Winchendon  Toy Town Unity Church 126 Central St OS
Mon 7:00 A   Worcester  DAILY CHOICE Our Lady of Providence Ch 236 Lincoln St O12H
Mon 7:00 A   Worcester  SEVEN AM GROUP Adcare OPD 95 Lincoln St ODH
Mon 7:00 A   Worcester  Step 1 Adcare OPD 95 Lincoln O12H
Mon 12:00 P   Worcester  Outdoor Discussion Green Hill Park 50 Skyline Drive OD
Mon 12:00 P   Worcester  HI-NOON MON Covenant United Methodist Church 24 Hamilton St OS
Mon 12:00 P   Worcester  MID-DAY Sacred Heart Church 600 Cambridge St CBB
Mon 4:00 P   Worcester  Bottom of the Barrel People's Church 25 Francis St. OBB12H
Mon 7:00 P   Worcester  RAINBOW RECOVERY St. Matthews Church 695 Southbridge St O12G
Mon 7:00 P   Worcester  THE EDUCATIONAL VARIETY Holy Cross Hogan Center 404 1 College St OBE
Mon 7:00 P   Worcester  HAPPY DESTINY Congregational Church 1070 Pleasant St C12
Mon 7:00 P   Worcester  CROZIER St Stephens Church 16 Hamilton St OSD
Mon 7:30 P   Worcester  JOY OF LIVING Burncoat Baptist Church 475 Burncoat St C12