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WAI is updating its meeting list and needs your help. COVID-19 greatly impacted AA meetings, prompting this outreach project. Here is an announcement to be shared at your meetings: Project Announcement and here is the Meeting List Form for your group to fill out.

Thu May 14 Dudley DAAT 49th
For details see the flyer

Sat May 21 Roundup & Dinner Tix
"Back to Basics" Roundup Saturday May 21, noon-6. Co-hosted by District 23 & District 25. For details: Flyer, Agenda. For tickets: Click Here.

Fri May 27 MSCYPAA Prom Night
Meeting at 7pm, music and dancing 8-11 pm. For details see flyer

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New Book Now Available
Fun In Sobriety is now available! AA members recount how they learned to have fun and stay sober. To see more about this new Grapevine book, click here

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If a meeting has resumed meeting in-person, please let us know so we can update our list and Meeting Guide app feed: Resuming In-Person Meeting Form. Thank you.

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