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Dear Readers,

Attached please find the new WAI newsletter - The Beacon Weekly. The Weekly replaces the original WAI Beacon, at least for an interim period. The original Beacon is/was a monthly publication designed as a paper-based product.

However, in the unprecedented public spaces situation we find ourselves in, it was judged that local A.A's need information about virtual meetings and related events much more frequently, so the Weekly will be issued - as the name implies - weekly. The Weekly will be available only in digital PDF form - though may be printed by the reader.

The Weekly will attempt to provide updated news to A.A's in the Worcester area as much as possible. If you are aware of any useful information that may be helpful for other A.A.'s to know, please send it to editor at beacon@aaworcester.org.

Updates will also typically be available in the special Coronavirus section added to the WAI web site.

In addition, it is suggested that you pass this issue around to fellow A.A.'s who would benefit from knowing the latest information concerning locally available A.A. resources, and we encourage anyone interested in receiving this newsletter to request a free digital subscription by sending an email to beacon@aaworcester.org

As many of you may know, the WAI office in Worcester is closed until further notice. You can still call or email the office [officemanager@aaworcester.org] if necessary.


P.S. For the current issue of The Beacon Weekly: click here.