Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is primarily tasked with overseeing the finances and day-to-day operations of the Intergroup, as well as overseeing hiring, compensation, and management of Intergroup employees. The functions of the WAI Steering Committee include:

  1. Follow the directives of WAI Delegates majority voice and vote
  2. Oversee the operations of the WAI Office
  3. Select, hire, oversee, and if necessary terminate the WAI Office Manager
  4. Ensure local AA groups are invited to participate and kept informed of WAI services, resources and activities
  5. Approve WAI office expenditures, finances and leases, with Delegate approval when required
  6. Consider and propose how WAI serves AA groups per AA traditions, principles, and GSO guidelines

The Steering Committee consists of the following service positions:

  • Chairperson & Alternate Chairperson
  • Secretary & Alternate Secretary
  • Treasurer & Alternate Treasurer
  • Up to four Trustees
  • Office Manager & Assistant Office Manager

With the exception of the office manager and assistant manager, all members of the Steering Committee are elected annually to a one-year term by the WAI delegates. The automatic rotation of the Alternate Treasurer, Alternate Secretary, and Alternate Chairperson ensures stability and a working knowledge for these service positions.

Refer to the WAI Guidelines for more information on the Steering Committee.

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